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Place: Centro de Innovación BBVA, Plaza Santa Bárbara 2, Madrid. Asistencia gratuita


Adventure Network is an international project acceleration network built on the bridge that connects Texas with Spain. It has been created together with the North American business angel Randy Goldsmith, Chairman of the Texas Technology Development Center, Investor in Residence for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and Fund Manager for the Texas Research and Technology Foundation Fund.

Adventure Network is the unique expansion of the Goldsmith Model in Spain, a model known for being different and specific and which has contributed to create more than 1000 high technology business in the United States, and which has raised more than $600M from investors for companies with great potential.

After proving its successful in many cities in the United States, the Goldsmith Model is now in Spain. On one side, it offers entrepreneurs and growing companies, universities, technology centers and accelerators in the country a systematic and autonomous process and a clear and specific guide to prepare and validate solid and scalable business. On the other side, it assembles a an investors, specialized providers and trustful professionals network that facilitates the access to investment and other necessary means to growing projects.

Business Angels network

The project to create and launch the Texas-Spain Investment Network was the highest-rated project on the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism's Impulso de Redes de Business Angels 2014 program (Boost to Business Angels Networks 2014).

Through this project we continue to forge links between Spain and San Antonio in Texas. The city is one of the biggest in the United States and enjoys a dynamic and growing economy.


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