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Adventure Network serves as a bridge to a portfolio of sound and innovative projects that have great potential for growth. We also establish a series of tools and dynamics to make investors’ work easier, affording this work the importance and leading role that benefits its significance in the setting up of new businesses.

Access to projects that are both
sound and growing.
Co-investment with
international funds.
Exchanging opportunities, detecting talent and expanding networks.

Business Angels network

The project to create and launch the Texas-Spain Investment Network was the highest-rated project on the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism’s Impulso de Redes de Business Angels 2014 program (Boost to Business Angels Networks 2014).

Through this project we continue to forge links between Spain and San Antonio in Texas. The city is one of the biggest in the United States and enjoys a dynamic and growing economy..


Get access to new opportunities through the Texas-Spain Investment Network.

Participating in our network only requires a commitment to maintain an open communication channel. This allows us to get to know the investment preferences of each Business Angel or investment group and direct the businesses they are most interested in towards these investors. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about the opportunities that Adventure Network can offer you as an investor.


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